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Big Time Gaming Games

Sometimes, you just want a quiet game. Something small, simple and not too expensive to help kill a few minutes at the bus stop or while you’re waiting for your dinner to cook. But then other times, you feel like you need a bit more. Something fancy. A game that challenges you and makes you think in different ways. Sometimes, you just need to go large. If that is your inclination, then welcome to our selection of Big Time Gaming games.

Megaways to Win

What is it that makes Big Time Gaming games so… big? In addition to some fairly epic subject matter – dragons, abandoned mines filled with gems and space-faring adventurers – Big Time Gaming games have an extra feature called ‘Megaways’. This changes what is shown on the reels with every spin. For example, in Dragonborn, the first Megaways game to be released in 2015, you have six reels. Each reel can have between one and seven symbols displayed. At the very lowest end of the scale, this means you will have just one winline. At the high end, this equates to a staggering 117,649 winlines.

Fire in the Hole!

Megaways isn’t the only feature of Big Time Gaming games. In Bonanza, you’re in charge of a diamond mine in the Old West. Whenever symbols line up, it’s time to break out the dynamite and blow the surrounding rock to smithereens. Of course, this causes a chain reaction, bringing the rocks above falling down onto the screen, much like falling blocks in Tetris. If it so happens that more symbols line up, then it’s time to yell ‘fire in the hole’ and win again!

Nice n’ Spicy

If these were the only features that Big Time Gaming games offered, you would think that they were appropriately named at the very least. But it’s not: there are more! In the game Extra Chilli, you work in the market, running a stall festooned with garlic and spices. Your chillis are a bit more valuable than the normal kind, seeing as they are carved from precious gems. As well as Megaways and the Reactions drops that were described above, there are an additional four symbol slots at the bottom of the screen, giving you even more ways to win.

Trigger the bonus feature, and you have a chance to spin the wheel of fortune to win more. You start with eight Free Spins, but if luck is on your side, you can turn this into 24. This is a risk worth taking, as each time you win on a Free Spin, the bonus is multiplied. And of course, you can add even more to this if the Bonus Scatter symbols land during this time.

Sometimes, you don’t want to trust it all to luck and hope that you trigger a bonus. You’re big time now, you can just buy it if you want. This is known as the Feature Drop and is another of Big Time Gaming’s special features.
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