Spirit Sisters

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Spirit Sisters

Air Dice
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Spirit Sisters Review

Are you ready for some ancient heroine-themed freedom fighting? If yes, you are in luck as this is what Air Dice offers in their Spirit Sisters slot game. You see, you have the opportunity to join these sisters in their quest for freedom, and on your way through this mystery journey you might just win big. Renowned provider Air Dice did well to come up with this concept for this slot game: Ancient, Mystery, Conflict, War, Freedom! 

Spirit Sisters is inspired by some of the most fearsome female warriors from the pages of history. The stories of warriors like Queen Candace, Queen Amina of Zaria, Alaafin Orompoto, Boudica, Joan of Arc, Pirate Empress Ching Shih, and Tomoe Gozen to name a few will come to mind when lovers of ancient history play Spirit Sisters.

Prepare to fight for glory, freedom, and, of course, the chance at some serious bonus winnings! What would a good slot game be without the opportunity to make some good money? Here’s our review of this awesome Air Dice slot.


How to Play Spirit Sisters

The game is basically on four three-reel boxes, and it has five paylines. To win, you have to score a minimum of one hundred (100) points per round. Line up the regular symbols and the special symbols that appear from time to time. This will unlock something special for you…


Spirit Sisters Bonus features

Now, we get to the juicy part of this game. In Spirit Sisters, there are lots of bonuses for those who can find them. If you successfully collect three bonus symbols in a line, you will get the Spirit Blast Bonus which gives you five Free Spins and puts you in line to win great prizes like bonus cash jackpots, additional points, Fantastic Mystery or progressive Jackpots. If you do not like the offers you got from each Free Spin, you can reject them and try again. But keep in mind that when all five Free Spins have been exhausted, the last outcome will be the outcome to be used. So, be careful how you accept or reject offers. 


Spirit Sisters Mobile Experience

All you need is a reliable internet connection and a good battery on your chosen Android or iOS device to enjoy this game on the move. Surely, it’s a different type of flex to be a freedom fighter wherever you go? 


Spirit Sisters Free Play

There is a demo version of Spirit Sisters which allows you to play without staking anything. This also means there won’t be actual rewards, but you can get to grips with the game before committing to a deposit. The full version offers you the opportunity to make freedom fighting worth your while. 

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