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Monopoly Live Game Review

Evolution's Monopoly Live is a thrilling live casino game show hosted by a charismatic and engaging host. It is arguably one of the most excellent, and certainly most popular games to ever hit casino lobbies. Monopoly Live is a never-ending game, with hours of fun to be had for both casual players and regular high rollers.

Monopoly Live is available 24 hours a day and offers lucky players numerous chances to win cash prizes. All of the numbers are highly rewarding and deliver immediate cash prizes. The latter activates the immersive 3D Mr Monopoly feature, which can generate even more wins.

Under ideal conditions, the RTP for this release is 96.23%. Monopoly Live is a game where you can gamble on 54 different locations and there is  bonus game option too.


How to Play Monopoly Live

When you click on Monopoly Live, the casino transports you to Evolution Gaming's live studio, where a host presents the game.

Next, decide how much you want to bet. There are six different bets to choose from. There are four numbers on which to gamble, as well as two bonuses. You can place many bets at the same time. You may even play all of the choices simultaneously. At the end of the spin, the wheel will come to a halt. It may come to a halt on a number or a bonus. If it stops on a number you chose to bet on, your bet will be multiplied by that amount, and your winnings will be immediately deposited into your account.

You'll also get your money back if you bet on the winning number. The next game will begin after the payoff. This time, there are four bonuses. If the wheel comes to a stop on one of the bonuses, the Monopoly game will begin with two or four rolls. If you bet on a bonus, then you’re in; otherwise, you can just watch the game unfold.

Mr Monopoly appears when the wheel lands on a bonus. He begins by constructing multipliers, and then the dice are rolled. Mr Monopoly takes the same number of steps as the displayed number on the dice.

If he comes to a halt, the multiplier for the segment becomes active on your bet. Mr Monopoly takes his steps as the dice roll again. All of the multipliers are then put together, and your bet is multiplied by the total multiplier amount.


Payouts and Bonuses on Monopoly Live

In its payout, the individual numbers match up with their value. A two will return 2:1, a five will return 5:1, and so on. Due to the frequency with which multipliers activate, predicting payouts with bonuses is much more difficult, but you can be sure to be in with a chance of grabbing some big wins.

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