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Mega Wheels

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Mega Wheels Review

What are the odds of becoming rich overnight, just from playing at an online casino? Quite slim, most will say. However, considering that a winning spin in Mega Wheels can pay up to 500x your initial bet, it’s definitely worth a try. In fact, you’ll win extra Money Vault tokens for triggering the bonus round when playing at, so there’s even more reason to give it a go. The bet size dictates how many extra tokens a player qualifies for. In other words, the greater your bet size, the more free tokens you get.
Get in on the fun now to take advantage of our extra Money Vault tokens promotion. But before that, let’s have an in-depth look at how the game works, its features, benefits and more!


How Does Mega Wheels Work?

Regular spin-and-win slots with only one payline are cool and fun, but sometimes we just want a bit extra, don’t you think? Mega Wheels goes above and beyond by bringing in some amazing features, enticing gameplay and high-definition graphics that will have you hooked to your screen. Here at we relish feature-loaded games like this!

Here’s how it works. Begin by choosing your bet from the bottom of the game’s screen and click ‘Start’ to get straight into the game. Once that’s done, you are expected to put the column of three (3) random dice into one of the four boxes at the center of the game’s page. Each box is made of three columns. Each player scores points when they match these dice colours’ in a horizontal or diagonal arrangement. To win, you must score at least 100 points.

You qualify for the bonus game if you align three bonus symbols horizontally or diagonally and win.


Features and Benefits of Air Dice’s Mega Wheels

One of the most interesting features in Mega Wheels is the Free Spin feature. This round is pacier and your chances of winning big are therefore multiplied.
Among other things, the game is mobile-friendly. The interface is clean and responsive regardless of your device’s screen size and layout, so you can easily play Mega Wheels on the go, wherever you are.


Mega Wheels Bonuses on Offer at Casino777

As highlighted earlier, you get extra Money Vault tokens for getting into the bonus round. The bonus round is a simple spin-and-win session. After spinning for a period of time, the big wheel stops at a sector. The sector where the wheel stops dictates what the player wins. Your reward may come in the form of mystery games, points, cash prizes, the extra pot or a progressive jackpot. It should be noted that the bonus round comes to an end once the wheel lands on either the proogressive jackpot or the extra pot.

The player is expected to either accept their reward or re-spin the wheel for another shot at a bigger return. You cannot re-spin the wheel more than four more times.

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