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Infinity Dice

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Infinity Dice Review

Who doesn’t love a classic dice game? The Infinity Dice game combines the fun of the classics with the exciting gameplay and graphics associated with more modern games.

This dice game designed and developed by Air Dice can help you win up to 100x your initial bet. 

Infinity Dice should be somewhere on your bucket list if you’re looking to try a slot game a little different from what you’re used to. This guide covers Infinity Dice’s gameplay, features, payouts and bonuses.


How is Infinity Dice Played?

The goal of the game is to match identical blocks of dice along diagonal and horizontal lines. The more lines matched, the more points accumulated. Matching higher value symbols will win you even more points.

The playing field is a horizontal arrangement of four boxes, each of which can contain as many as nine dice. The game rolls a block of three dice above the playing field. Each player is expected to place this stack of dice into each playing field, and arrange dice of the same color along winning paylines. A round ends when all the boxes in the playing field are filled up. To win, a player must score at least 100 points.

The game is made easier with the hints sometimes provided to players. By displaying lightning, the game suggests to players what combinations they could make with the trio of dice before them.


Features to Watch Out For on Infinity Dice

Besides the hint, Infinity Dice comes with an automatic feature that suggests to players the best option to play based on what he or she has been playing. A player may also choose to use some keyboard shortcuts when playing on the computer. These shortcuts can make the game faster, more adrenaline-pumping and fun.


Payouts and Bonuses on Infinity Dice

The Infinity Wheel bonus feature is triggered by forming a line of three red Infinity symbols. In this mode, the player is expected to spin the Infinity Wheel. This gives you a chance to score more points, win cash prizes or progress to any of the three available Mystery Game sectors.. A player can re-spin the wheel up to four more times if they aren’t too pleased with the rewards that show up. The final result will be automatically accepted by the game. A player can score up to 900 points or win as many as 15 Mystery Games.
A player can also multiply their points by 1.5 or 2 if they score points in three of the four squares or in all four squares respectively. Another way of scoring big is getting nine identical dice in a field. This should give 200 points in addition to the total points scored at the end of a round.


Infinity Dice On Mobile

The Infinity Dice mobile experience is clean and responsive, and is therefore easy and fun to play on the go. A player can also customize their graphics output by choosing any from a range of resolution options, depending on the needs of their device and source of internet connection.

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