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Dice Of Mystery


Dice Of Mystery Review

Immerse yourself in Dice of Mystery’s enchanting Egyptian setting. Uncover its numerous secrets, beginning with the Wild Dice symbol, which may be used to replace any dice on the screen. 

Dice of Mystery from GAMING1 sends players into familiar gaming territory by transporting them to Ancient Egypt. Players are immersed in an adventure right in the heart of the pyramids, complete with gold, crimson, and purple colors, a sacred papyrus book, and mystical Egyptian music and sound effects. 

This exciting dice game explores a familiar concept; while still drawing players into a new universe by introducing new mechanics and features that challenge the standard dice game format.


How to Play Dice of Mystery

Dice of Mystery is among the first dice games to have a Book function, which is traditionally reserved for online slots. Players who lose a game can still receive a prize by using the Cashback Book. The mystical gold and purple book shakes and randomly opens at the start of the next round, offering between 100 and 250 points or even up to five Mystery games.

When three red bonus dice are lined up, the Treasure Wheel bonus is triggered, which can be spun up to five times. Players can accept or decline the offer, which will give them another chance to spin the wheel and possibly win a larger prize. Players can earn up to 1,000 points, get multipliers of up to 1,000x, hit the Progressive Jackpot, or access the coveted Book of Mystery, among other incentives. To add to the fun, any selections that are turned down are transformed into a book.

The game's immersive Treasure Wheel bonus offers a variety of rewards. These include the chance to unlock the Book of Mystery's secrets which is done by winning one to five Mystery games, or locating the holy pages which will award you with 10 or 30 Mystery games.


Dice Of Mystery Features

The game's most unique feature is a column of gold WILD dice that can emerge at any time, throughout any game, and replace all other dice, including Bonus dice! This feature has never been seen before and is certain to wow players.

This GAMING1 game also contains several Mystery games, which are popular among players and allow them to win up to 100 times their bet. Players can find Mystery games throughout, from the Book of Mystery to the Cashback Book and the Treasure Wheel. The Book of Mystery is without a doubt the most sought-after feature, as it contains up to 30 Mystery games within its hallowed pages.

The dice game with an Egyptian theme also has a Progressive Jackpot — a prize pool shared by all players that grows each game to unbelievable amounts! Players can walk away with some massive cash rewards thanks to these great bonuses and features on Dice of Mystery.

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