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Crazy Time Review


If you have your eyes peeled for fantastic lucky wheel format games, then the odds are that you have come across Monopoly Live or Dream Catcher at one time or the other. Crazy Time is an improvement on the classic Evolution games. Packed with crazy new levels of fun and excitement, Crazy Time is where old (roulette wheel classics) meets contemporary (live entertainment and advanced RNG) gameplay . 

Its side attractions make the gaming experience truly immersive. These side attractions include a live chat function and an engaging, live commentary. Interactive elements like these make the game fun as you run up to the maximum possible payout of 25,000x your bet.

The fun doesn’t stop here: there are also bonus game rounds. With as many as four bonus games, it is easy to see why Crazy Time is a fan favorite.

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How to Play Crazy Time

Staged in a live entertainment studio with a Money Wheel as the centre of attraction, this all-action game is packed with features, yet it is very easy to play. For starters, the wheel is made up of fifty-four (54) sections, some of which are marked as bonus sections (Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Crazytime, Pachinko) and the others marked as numbers (1,2,5,10). 

A bet is placed on a section by clicking on the section label at the bottom of the screen. You win if the wheel lands on any of your selections. Generally, for number selections, a multiplier is applied to this number if the top slot is active. A top slot spin becomes active and its multipliers are carried through to the wheel after spinning the two halves of the win line on the multiplier reel line horizontally. Bets on a bonus game round are a tad different. Bonus game sector selections are a tad different. In this case, you qualify for a bonus game if you bet on that bonus game and the wheel lands on it. Since these bonus games have the highest payouts, most bettors place their bets on them.


Features of Crazy Time

While you play Crazy Time, you are treated to the sound of some lively hosts who keep you updated on the happenings on and around the wheel. Repeat and Autoplay buttons help you make the same selections as previously in one easy click. 

There are four possible bonuses occupying nine of the 54 pockets on the wheel. They include a Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko and the eponymous Crazy Time - every player is guaranteed some form of reward in this bonus game round. Most often than not, it applies the player a huge multiplier to their initial bet.

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