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The 2020 Race to Christmas is now officially on at Every day until the biggest day of the year, we have a special challenge in store for you in our own unique Advent calendar: win extra Premium Club coins and extra Money Vault tokens, and you can participate in tournaments, quizzes, searches and much more!

This wouldn’t be a race if there wasn’t a challenge ahead of you though, right?

Each week we'll start a new stage of the race that runs from Friday to Thursday. If you manage to complete at least 5 challenges during one of these stages, we’ll send you a SUPRISE REWARD at the end of it. These rewards can be extra Premium Club coins, Money Vault tokens, or maybe even both! If you qualify we'll let you know by email each time, so make sure you're subsribed to our marketing emails and keep an eye on your inbox.

Last but not least, super fans of Christmas who complete at least 31 out of 41 challenges by Christmas Day will receive a very special extra LOYALTY GIFT at the end of the promotion!

Are you up for the challenge of a lifetime? It's only at this festive season.

Everyone should get a bit of entertainment once in a while, but make sure you play responsibly. For help and advice you can consult our responsible gaming page.