FAQ & Terms

On this page you can find all you need to know about Casino777.be’s Premium Club, how points and coins work, how to buy items in our shop, and much more.

1.How to qualify?

The Premium Club is open to every Casino777.be player; you automatically join in as a Blue Level Premium Club member after registration.

2. What are Premium Points and Coins?

2.1 Premium Points:

These define your Premium Club Level and you collect them by wagering real money on any Casino777.be games.

2.2 Premium Coins:

These represent your “money” to buy items in the Premium Club Shop and are collected by wagering real money on any Casino777.be games.

3. How to collect Premium Points and Coins?

3.1 After you make your first deposit, all your real money wagers will contribute towards your Premium Points and Premium Coins balances equally.

3.2 The contribution towards points and coins balances is equal, meaning one point equals one coin.

3.3 The number of Premium Points and Coins collected is based on the amount of real money wagered, the game category you place your real money wagers on, and the boost percentage applicable to your Premium Level.

3.4 The different game categories are slots, dice games, table games (both virtual and live), video poker, and other games.

4. How do different games contribute to Premium Points and Coins balances?

4.1 The contribution towards points and coins balances varies per game category you place your real money wagers on.

4.2 The different game categories, and their contributions are as follow:

  • Slots 100%
  • Dice games 100%;
  • Table games 50%;
  • Video poker 30%;
  • All other games 30%;

For example

  • €1 real money wager on slots or dice games will give you 10 points and 10 coins;
  • €1 real money wager on table games will give you 5 points and 5 coins;
  • €1 real money wager on video poker or “Other” games will give you 3 points and 3 coins.

4.3 777.be reserves the right to exclude any games from points contribution without prior notice.

4.4 Any bets placed on Bet777.be are excluded from the loyalty points calculation.

5.When and how is my Premium Club level defined?

5.1 Your Premium level and related benefits will be upgraded in real time based on the number of Premium Points you have collected.

5.2 Premium levels are reviewed on the 1st of each month for downgrades and are based on Premium Points collected in the past full calendar month.

5.3 To maintain your level you must have met the minimum Premium Points requirement, otherwise your level will change to the one you collected enough points for.

5.4 Your Premium level is valid for one month from the 1st of the month. As an example if you are upgraded on 15th of the month, your level will be secured for the remainder of the same of month plus a full calendar month.

5.5 777Select level is on an invitation only basis and will be granted at the sole discretion of Casino777.be.

6. What are the different Premium Club levels and their points requirements?

6.1 Points requirements;

  • Blue: 0
  • Bronze: 777
  • Silver: 15,000
  • Gold: 350,000
  • Platinum: 1,000,000
  • 777Diamond: 3,000,000
  • 777Privé: 8,000,000
  • 777Select: Invitation only

7. What are the different Premium Club benefits?

7.1 As a Premium Club member you automatically benefit from a points and coins boost;

7.2 Reward percentages and 'up to' amounts are based on your Premium Club level.
Level up for more rewards!

7.2.1 Points and coins boost:
- Percentage per level:

  • Blue: 0
  • Bronze: 10%
  • Silver: 15%
  • Gold: 20%
  • Platinum: 30%
  • 777Diamond: 40%
  • 777Privé: 50%
  • 777Select: 50% Boost percentage is defined by your Premium Club level at the time you place your wager. Boost percentage is applied to all the points and coins collected Boost percentage is automatically applied to your points and coins calculation. Boosted points and coins are instantly credited to your account.

7.2.2 The Premium Club Shop is available to all Bronze Premium Club level and higher members. The Premium Club Shop offers you a wide range of gifts to be bought in exchange of Premiums Coins only.

8. How to spend my Premium Coins?

8.1 You can exchange your Premium Coins in the Premium Club Shop.

8.2 Some items in the shop are not available to all Premium Club members and can only be unlocked as you reach a higher Premium Club level.

8.3 To purchase an item in the Premium Club Shop you need to have reached the required Premium Club level as well as collected enough Premium Coins to match the coins value of the item as displayed.

8.4 Once you have purchased an item it cannot be returned, exchanged, transferred or refunded.

8.5 Your Premium Coins balance will be immediately adjusted when you successfully purchase an item in the Premium Club Shop.

8.6 Items in the shop can be changed, removed or added on a monthly basis without notice.

8.7 777.be reserves the right to increase or decrease the price in coins of items in the Premium Club Shop. No claims can be made by players based on such changes, and any refund amount will be based on the price of the item at the time of purchase.

8.8 777.be cannot guarantee that the Premium Club Shop item image, description or price in coins are accurate at all times. Refund requests based on such errors will be reviewed by 777.be on a case to case basis.

9. How long are my Premium Points and Coins valid for?

9.1 Your Premium points balance, if any, is reset on a monthly basis, at 23:59 on the last day of the calendar month, unless stated otherwise by a member of Casino777.be.

9.2 Your Premium Coins balance, if any, will be reset back to 0 after three full calendar months of inactivity and your level will be reverted back to Bronze. You will never go back to Blue!

10.  Other points

Offer is subject to Casino777.be’s Terms and Conditions.

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