money vault

At you have exclusive access to 3 vaults filled with jackpot money… provided you manage to crack the code of the Money Vault!

Have a go today by entering your lucky numbers or use the random code generator. If you have 10 or more tokens you can also use the auto play random number generator.

Taking part in the Money Vault is very easy. Each time you deposit €10 on your account we reward you with a token for the Money Vault. This token will already give you a chance to win €777!

The more tokens you collect, the bigger the jackpot you can play for:

1 token: crack the code and win €777

3 tokens: win €5,000

5 tokens: win the MEGA JACKPOT, now €50,000!

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- Players receive one Money Vault token per €10 deposited on their casino account.

- The Money Vault promotion consists of three jackpots (€777/€5,000/€50,000), each with their own participation cost in tokens.

- The winning codes that trigger the three different Money Vaults jackpots consist of random numbers between 0 and 9.

- Jackpots are credited within 72 hours, after the account of the player has been validated.

- The €777 and €5,000 jackpots are paid to the winner upon validation. Winners of the 50,000 jackpot will be paid over a period of 5 months (5 x €10,000).

- reserves the right to exclude players who are bonus seekers, or who are found to abuse this promotion in any way, for example to gain an unfair advantage.

- reserves the right to amend or cancel this promotion at any time.

- This promotion is subject to the general terms and conditions of