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Live Blackjack Review

Amazing playability, clean user interface and immersive gameplay are the hallmarks of all Evolution games. As expected, their Live Blackjack boasts these features and many more. It is slick, user-friendly and perfectly optimized for mobile devices here at Casino777.be.

From a player’s perspective, Live Blackjack is considered as real as standard blackjack in land-based casinos. What’s different? Four side bets, free double down, unlimited seats and private play are all available on this online variant, and that’s not all...

For instance, Live Blackjack is played with a live dealer rather than with an automatic generator machine, and has as many as seven slots - one slot per player. Should all positions on the table be filled, players have the option of playing behind an active player. The game is won by beating the dealer’s combination.

What more is there to know about Live Blackjack? This guide covers how to play Live Blackjack, its features, payouts and bonuses.


How to Play Live Blackjack

This thrilling game begins by selecting the best Live Blackjack table as per your playing style and gaming preferences, then set a bet size. To do this, click on one of the five buttons. One of these buttons (middle button) is used for betting on the same round while the other four buttons are used for placing side bets. These side bets, although harder to win, give better payouts.

Players at the table choose their desired coin value and place bets before the time runs out. Then, click ‘Deal Now’ once the bet has been placed.

Two cards are dealt to each player - by the dealer - after which each player is given the chance to double down, split, stand and hit. The dealer deals themselves two cards as well. You may hit if you want a card other than what you have been dealt, or stand if you are satisfied with your combination.  Should you choose the latter, the dealer goes on to reveal their face-down card.. They may continue drawing the card as long as the combination is below seventeen (17). The closest to 21 at the close of the round wins the round. In other words, you win at the end of a round if your combination is 21 or less and higher than the dealer’s combination.

Features and Benefits of Live Blackjack

One of the stand-out features of Live Blackjack are its side bets. This includes perfect pairs and 21+3 side bets. The former rewards a player handsomely with a payout as high as 25:1 while the latter goes as high as 100:1. 

The cards are a perfect selection if both colour and suit match. A player hits a 21+3 side bet if they form a three-card poker hand with a dealer’s face-up card and their two cards. 

One of the biggest advantages of Live Blackjack is the Bet Behind feature which allows an unlimited number of players to deal at the same time. Another is that the user interface is engaging, easy on the eyes and simple to interact with.


Live Blackjack Payouts and Bonuses

The 21:3 side bet gives the highest payout possible in the game. Insurance wins give you 1:1 payouts while insurance bets may give you 2:1 payouts. Most players agree that winning the latter is a tad more difficult than the former.


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