Couple of Blackjack: we double your winnings!

This week at it is all about Live Blackjack and more precisely, Couple of Blackjacks

Simply opt-in and head to any of our Live Blackjack tables

How do I win, you ask? Easy … when you are dealt either a Queen, Jack or King and it is paired with an Ace, we will double your winnings! You can have a go at our Blackjack tables, or any of our other Blackjacks.

So go ahead and hit as many qualifying Blackjacks as you can and we’ll reward you with up to €30 in CASH at the end of the promotion!

Getting a Blackjack has never been such fun – only at!

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Terms & Conditions
- This promotion is valid from 13:00 on 09/09/19 until 23:59 on 15/09/19.
- This promotion is valid on all live Blackjack tables.
- To participate in the promotion players must wager real money on any of our live Blackjack tables.
- “Ace + Picture card” Blackjacks received while playing with bonus money don’t count as a Couple of Blackjack for this promotion.
- Players who are dealt a “Picture card + Ace” blackjack will get their winnings for that hand doubled up in cash.
- A picture card is either a Queen, King or Jack of any colour.
- For this promotion a couple of blackjack is the following combination only: “Ace + Jack”, or “Ace + King” or “Ace + Queen”.
- The maximum cash credited for this promotion is of €30 in total per player.
- The winnings will be credited to the players’ accounts within 72 hours from the end of the promotion.
- Players cannot transfer Blackjacks to other accounts.
- These offers are subject to’s Terms and Conditions.
- reserves the right to cancel or change this promotion at any time without prior notice.